As promised in my last blog, I am continuing to shoot some of the UK’s best known locations, and what place is more famous or draws in more tourists than our capital - London. As a northerner I am aware there is a certain marmite situation surrounding London, some people love it and some people can’t stand it. ... read more
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I have to start this blog by admitting that although the Lake District is on my doorstep, I only shot here for the first time a few weeks ago, who knows why but I am told that this happens to lots of travel photographers, you never really notice the beauty at home and go abroad searching for it - well not this year - I am determined to shoot all the amazing sights the UK has... read more
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After using Manfrotto products since the very beginning of my career, it is a great honour to become part of the Manfrotto family and represent them as an Ambassador. For those of you who aren't familiar with this brand, here is some information taken directly from the Manfrotto website:... read more
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I am delighted to announce that I can now call myself an award winning photographer! A few months back I mentioned that I had been selected as a multi-category finalist for the Eyes on Asia Awards, and in the end I won the Sense of Place category for professionals.... read more
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Skin Tones My final blog post about colour and its use in both general and travel photography, is based around skin tones. For me a really good portrait makes the subject’s skin one of the main focal points of the image. I prefer to keep portraits quite simple, making the person the focus, however you can still achieve this by having really bright colours and complicated... read more
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City Life Blue! I’ll get straight to the point with this post. For me cities look their best in photographs when blue is the predominantly featured colour - it makes them look clean, cool and modern - something most cities wish they were! This won’t work for every city, especially those which are very traditional (or for those in England where blue skies seem to be quite... read more
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Sunsets For travel photographers, nothing quite beats an amazing sunset on an equally amazing beach or in a fabulous city. Even though blue skies and fluffy white clouds make an image visually attractive, nothing grabs people’s attention more or gets into people’s mind quite like a sunset. Even now I find myself watching a beautiful sunset in my mind rather than focussing... read more
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Predominant Colours In complete contrast to my last post, this time I look at why using only one colour in a photograph can often work really well. Whether in architecture or portraiture, singling out your main colour and really going all the way with it can work wonders - it strengthens the image and makes your composition really stand out, which hopefully is a good... read more
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Attention Grabbers Let’s start with a little intro… earlier in the year I was proud to become a member of the prestigious Coloratti group, part of the X-Rite family (see the original blog post about this momentous occasion here). X-Rite are world leaders when it comes to colour management and many professional photographers rely on their products to ensure what they see... read more
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After a couple of really busy months I have finally found a few spare hours to focus on my blog! The new website went live yesterday and I am blown away it, especially the portfolio section because it’s much better being able to see so much at once and the full screen option is brilliant! Well that’s enough about the website; I hope you enjoy it as much as I do… ... read more
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