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Hot Off The Press!

by Coole Photography on September 3, 2013 Leave a comment

After a couple of really busy months I have finally found a few spare hours to focus on my blog! The new website went live yesterday and I am blown away it, especially the portfolio section because it’s much better being able to see so much at once and the full screen option is brilliant! Well that’s enough about the website; I hope you enjoy it as much as I do… 

Over the last few weeks I have received PDF copies of magazine articles written by and featuring me, although some have yet to be published so you’ll have to wait a little longer to see them! I have already posted about the Digital Photographer interview a few weeks ago but I haven’t had chance to show you all the Foxley Docket feature, so here it is – enjoy!

The Foxley DocketAs rewarding as it was to photograph this location, it was also an extremely humbling experience. Every visitor who journeys here agrees that what these miners are capable of achieving each day is nothing short of miraculous. The only technical equipment available to the men are woven baskets which are carried on their shoulders and used to haul their heavy loads, and a metal crowbar which is used to separate the sulphur from the active, and highly poisonous, gas vent on the floor of the crater.
click here to download the full PDF

After receiving the Foxley Docket PDF I realised that I hadn’t posted about my feature in the Atlantic Airways magazine, now this was way back in 2011 so many apologies, but it’s better late than never…

Atlantic Airways

The Faroes, a cluster of nordic gems cut over millenia from volcanic basalt, gathered and set in the tempestuous Atlantic. I travelled there with my camera as a guest of VisitFaroeIslands and fell into a dream encounter with Life and Light. Natural beauty surrounds you from the moment you land on Vágar Island. Mountain ringed Gásadalur, its legendary waterfall cascading directly into the Atlantic, Bøur, its paintbox houses stepping down to a black sand beach; and Vestmannasund with its magnificent views over the rearing teeth of the Vágar and Streymoy Islands.
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Every now and again, although a little narcissistic, I like to Google myself to make sure no-one is using my images without permission, however on the last search a number of magazine covers came up using none other than my photographs! The following are some of my favourite finds:

Garuda - March 2013 Cover Steyler Calendar Cover - 2014 Red Savannah - Journeys Brochure Jordan Tourism Board Jordan Tourism Board International Commerce Lonely Planet - Pocket London


And finally, I was very honoured to be Manfrotto Imagine More’s guest blogger throughout July 2013. I have been using Manfrotto gear since the very beginning of my career and so I was really excited to contribute to the company.

For those of you who have not heard of this particular branch of Manfrotto, here is some information taken directly from the Manfrotto Imagine More website:
Manfrotto Imagine More

Manfrotto Imagine More’s purpose is to communicate with people who are interested in and passionate about taking better pictures, from those who are just becoming interested in basic apps and in sharing their moments, emotions and experiences, to those who are experimenting with more sophisticated equipment.

If you would like to read any of my articles I have added some taster text and links below:

The exterior of the performing arts centre known as the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay and the Esplanade Bridge, as seen from Merlion Park.

Sleepless in Singapore

For me, cities during the day can be amazing places, however fast forward a few hours and they become absolutely spectacular! Singapore definitely falls into this as it’s somewhere that I really like during the day but love from sunset onwards. Capturing images during the golden and blue hour gives any photographer the chance to show somewhere at its best…
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One of the world's truly great ancient monuments and the single largest Buddhist structure anywhere on earth, Borobudur - a Buddhist stupa and temple complex dating from the 8th century which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Exploring Borobudur Indonesia

Moving on from my last post about a modern city, we now move on to one of the world’s most ancient temples – the UNESCO world heritage site of Borobudur, Indonesia. Even after a volcano covered the site in ash, terrorists tried to blow it up and the hordes of tourists received on a daily basis, Borobudur is still truly spectacular. Surrounded by rice paddies and forests, this Buddhist temple never fails to impress.
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An ancient stupa surrounded by colourful prayer flags at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bodhnath, also called Boudha or Bouddhanath, one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Kathmandu.

Himalayan Beauty : Breathtaking Bodhnath

Set in the foothills of the Himalayas, the UNESCO world heritage site of Bodhnath stands proudly, and very colourfully, on the eastern side of Kathmandu. Boudha, the small village which surrounds this Stupa, has long been the home of a considerable amount of Tibetan exiles, allowing it to be one of the few places left on the map where Tibetan culture is accessible and vibrant…
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Crystal clear waters and colourful coral reefs around the small island of Pulau Kecil, located within the Marine National Park of Karimunjawa or Karimun Jawa, which translates as a stone's throw from Java.

Travelling to the Islands of Karimunjawa Indonesia

Located off the North coast of Java in Indonesia, Karimunjawa is an archipelago of 27 picture perfect islands, complete with crystal clear waters, blue skies and powdery white sand to sink your feet into – a hidden paradise seldom visited by western tourists, due mainly to the lack of information out there about this wonderful place and also to the fact that the only way to get there is by a very slow ferry ride!
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Portrait of a woman from the Marwada Meghwal Harijan tribe wearing traditional clothing and a large golden wedding ring through her nose in the village of Bhirendiara, located roughly 50km from Bhuj in the Kutch District.

The Harijan Tribe, Kutch

Learning about new cultures has always fascinated me, and so when the opportunity to visit a tribal group that I had long admired arose, I jumped at the chance. First a little background for those of you who have not come across this group before – Harijan was a term used by Gandhi for Dalits (untouchables). He believed it was wrong to call people ‘untouchable’ and so called them Harijans…
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So you can all see it’s been pretty hectic – but the busier the better in my books. Over the next few months I have some really exciting talks taking place and a number of announcements to make, but posts on this will come in good time. For now I’ll leave you to explore my new website and if you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear from you.

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