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Getting a feel for London

by Coole Photography on April 4, 2011 Leave a comment

“London has been called a ‘world in one city’ and that’s not just empty rhetoric. The brilliant feat carried off here is that while immigrants, the city’s life blood, continue to flow in and contribute their energy and cultures to the capital’s already spicy melting pot, London nevertheless feels quintessentially British. Whether it’s those boxy black cabs, the red double-deckers or those grand symbols of Britain – the mother of all parliaments at Westminster, the silhouette of Tower bridge above the muddy Thames or the already world-famous London Eye, barely a decade old.” – Lonely Planet.

As my flight from Valencia was landing at Gatwick I decided to spend a week in London getting to know the layout and doing some on-site research for when I go back in the summer. The Spanish sun was sorely missed as I walked and walked under cold and grey skies, however I did get a few sunny spells and blue hours which was a pleasant surprise!

As I mentioned, my main reason for being in London was research but I did manage to take a few shots while in the Capital. I wanted to try and capture the “postcard” images but add in my love for vibrancy, not an easy feat but as long as you are prepared to wait for the right light and the right clouds, anything is possible! It’s also worth remembering that even if a day is grey and overcast this can make for quite an interesting evening as the lights bounce off the clouds giving everything a really unusual colour and look.

Tower Bridge, the EDF Energy London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral and of course Big Ben with the Houses of Parliament during sunset and blue hour were my main focus, and the rest of my time was taken up with learning bus routes, good angles and vantage points for the major sights and navigating crowds. I did venture onto the tube once or twice but you just can’t beat a bus journey for learning the layout of a place and also being able to sit back, relax and enjoy the views.

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